​​​Dr. Joseph C. Ainsworth III, DDS, MSD


​For most patients, straight teeth mean a terrific smile.  But did you know that properly aligned teeth are healthier?  Overlapped, crooked, or rotated teeth create a daily cleaning challenge.  Food and bacterial plaque accumulate slowly in the tiny spaces that your toothbrush and floss can't reach.  The acidic toxins that seep out of the bacterial sludge can lead to cavities and inflamed, diseased gums.  Helping even a couple straggling teeth find their proper place can leave you with a healthier mouth.  

Dr. Ainsworth utilizes high quality materials and state of the art techniques to be certain that you receive comfortable, health-centered, and time efficient treatment.  Our practice uses the American bracketing technology.  This bracketing technology offers a porcelain/clear option as well as the traditional stainless steel option.  In addition to the above technology, our practice offers many other growth stimulating appliances which may be required in conjunction with bracketing in some interceptive, adolescent, and adult treatments in order to obtain the desired result.

While orthodontics can solve nearly every possible tooth alignment problem, successful treatment relies on good patient compliance.  Wearing elastic bands consistently, keeping follow-up appointments for adjustments monthly, and practicing outstanding home care can lead to a positive outcome.  This commitment involves preventive visits with your hygienist as well, a strategy that helps avoid cavities around brackets.  Dr. Ainsworth and his team specializes in helping patients enjoy a successful outcome: a gorgeous, healthy smile.

American Bracketing System:​  The "American brackets" were invents by Dr. Wick Alexander and have been used in successfully treating patients for over 30 years.  Dr. Ainsworth personally studied under Dr. Alexander while in Orthodontic school and has been using this bracketing system since opening his practice in 1974.  The American brackets use the clear or colored elastic ties, or "O-rings" around each of the brackets to not only stabilize the wire but also can be used to add a personal touch to your smile.  Using his own unique prescription within this bracketing system, Dr. Ainsworth has full control of tooth movement to produce a beautiful occlusion and finish in minimal time.